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Recruitment positions: business executives in China
Location: China Dongguan

Recruiters condition Description:
1, domestic and international business functions Commissioner / foreign business executives;
2, take the burden of management responsibilities, management responsibilities;
3, full-time nature of the work;
4, accepted as office workers;
5, needs whether on business travel with the company;
6, treatment work in accordance with company policy;
7, can start to work immediately;
8,age 25 to 35 years of age;
9, specialist academic requirements (or more);
10, Limitations of machinery related departments, relevant departments of electronic, mechanical correlation;
11, 3 years work experience;
12, English conditions and / or hearing of, the said / medium, the read / in, the write / upper;
13,computer expertise, the Office applications: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Chinese typing 20 ~ 50/min, English typing 20 ~ 50/min;
14,other conditions
1. Work Location: Taipei, Cheng Fenggong Division;
2. With electronic connectors, Cooler, Antenna experience preferred;
3. A related field expertise and sales experience a plus.

Content of work:
1, the development of new source;
2, maintenance of existing customers;
3, for connectors, Coller, antenna type of business promotion;
4, understand the industry and market conditions, provide new markets and new product information;
5, department or team management;
6, maintaining a good brand and corporate image.