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Duplex Stainless Steels Conference & Exhibition 2010

Following on from a series of seven successful duplex conferences during the past twenty years, the next Duplex Stainless Steel Conference will be held at the same venue in Beaune, France, where the legendary and most famous Duplex Conference ever, was held in 1991. Again the content will be solely dedicated to duplex stainless steels with a strong emphasis on new developments such as lean and hyper duplex stainless steels. Presentations will be sourced on the comparison of properties between duplex and other alloys. Visitors to this upcoming conference will therefore benefit from the up-to-date exchange of information on long-term experiences with duplex stainless steels that have taken place since the previous Beaune Conference in 1991. The main topic will be cost saving and life-cycle aspects of nitrogen-containing duplex stainless steels in a variety of applications.
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