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We provide you high quality, fast delivery time and good service, durable valve that can.
We,Yongjia Ivy Industry&Trade Co., Ltd. is locate at the valves hometown of China, we are an extensive range of valves,pumps, flanges, pipe fittings, test machines for valves and other spare parts for industrial and production –our main products valve and flange and the other spare parts can produce from 1/4inch -48inch,pressure 125LB -2500LB,material from cast steel,cast iron,stainless steel,duplex steel and special material. And our engineers will provided you proffessional service and work without tired to innovate and improve.

We can provided you high quality,fast delivery time and good service, durable hardware that can stand up under the most rigorous of applications. Our products are API and CE (TUV) certified, and are widely used on oil rigs. Browse through our Showroom, and then send us your inquiries. Here, we always reply within 24 hours.